MOMENTS is a welcoming, artistic project presented by professional dancers and healthcare professionals. The event focuses on the topic of vulnerability, and is presented to a close network of artists, dancers, carers, counsellors, nurses, social workers and mental health experts.


The annual event programme is approximately 1.5 hours;  with a programme including: dance performance, talks, interviews and film presentations.





Emma is passionate about bringing dancers awareness towards their mental health. She has seen many dancers struggling with poor mental state or illness. Through her teaching and creative work the studio, Emma ensures that there is a positive and encouraging working atmosphere; she believes that both dancers in training and working professional dancers need a lot of support in sustaining a career in dance. 


The project explores the relationship between artistic work and lifestyle, and the impact which the arts and entertainment industry and theatre life has on our private life. 





'Moments' directed by Emma Layne takes us on a journey through choreographies and improvisations which illustrate struggles and relationships in society. Videographer: Timmi Davies.