BA (Hons) Professional Dance & Performance

Professional Dancers Postgraduate Teaching Certificate: FEHQ Level 7 (Masters) 





Berlin Prestige Award Winner 2020

Student Testimonials

Emma helped me in ballet from basic technique to the real art of the dance. In classes, she pushes you to your limits but makes it thoroughly enjoyable - she has a great personality! Also, she helped a lot towards my Royal Ballet audition.

- Private student, age 14 -


Emma is the most passionate dance teacher and she really helped me improve my technique. Emma also helped build my confidence in dance and I really loved the classes.

- Student, age 17 - 

Professional Ballet Teacher with Professional Ballet Student with pointe shoes




Emmas coaching with daughter for classical ballet not only helped her technically but also helped her better understand the integrity of ballet, with your great empathy and communication skills! We are so grateful for Emmas work and look forward to visiting Berlin again to work with Emma each school holiday!


- Private student, age 12 -


The Moments project was an amazing opportunity and I loved every minute. It was great being able to share the stage with so many different dancers and it came together so well. I can't wait to see what Emma does next!

- Student, age 16 -


Emma supported my daughter so much this past year by giving her corrections which were the root to most of her technical faults. She built my daughters confidence so that she is now able to handle the pressures of full time training. I don't know how to thank her enough. 

- Private student, age 15 -


I have improved leaps and bounds in my ballet because of Emma’s coaching. She has been extremely supportive when I’m dancing. I have definitely noticed my technique developing ever since my classes with her started. 😊👍

- Private student, age 15 -

Adult Client Testimonials

Emma is the most passionate dance teacher and she really helped me improve my technique. Emma also helped build my confidence in dance and I really loved the classes.

- Adult classes -


I love working with Emma! The way she communicates is very positive and uplifting; always giving a new challenge to work on, each week so I can see and feel that I’m growing as an adult ballet beginner. She’s a true professional and finds new ways if something doesn’t work for me. I can’t recommend Emma enough!

- Adult ballet via Zoom -


Adult ballet dancer learning pointe work with ballet teacher



I love working with Emma. She knows exactly what level her students are at and always manages to make them surpass themselves step by step. Emma supports me in becoming more confident in the ballet movements and executions I am learning, but she also inspires me and challenges me to move on in development and learn in every class new stuff. She has joined me on the adventure of teaching me pointe shoes - a big challenge for me. Her classes are always professional, but also fun and have a nice personal and open touch. 

- Anja, Adult ballet -


Die Ballettstunden mit Emma kann ich sehr empfehlen, sie weiss unglaublich viel und kann es sehr sehr gut erklaeren! Ich bin immer sehr beeindruckt und gehe total gerne hin!

- Adult ballet -

I met Emma during the pandemic; I am sure glad I got the opportunity to attend her virtual classes, because they really helped me stay focused and mentally fit during the long lockdown. Emma’s online intermediate ballet class also helped me stay physically fit and not only enabled me to maintain my technique but, lead to progress in numerous areas! Emma is such an accommodating teacher and really knows how to help her students reach their individual goals with a personalised approach. For me personally, her attention to detail created fantastic results but, class was also friendly and fun at the same time whilst always offering a caring and nurturing environment. For adult dancers or dancers of any age, I would certainly recommend taking private lessons with Emma. Over a reasonably short period of time, my pirouettes improved massively; I have no doubt that I came out of lockdown a much stronger and more confident dancer.

- Adult ballet via Zoom -


Dance Schools Testimonials

Our students (all age groups!) have loved working with Emma; the feedback from students and parents has been fantastic!

- Dance school principal -


Emma is a skilled and exceptionally creative teacher who is dedicated to nurturing each individual's maximum potential. Her strong leadership skills coupled with her relaxed and caring manner creates an excellent studio atmosphere.

- RAD tutor -


I can't thank Emma enough. Her workshops have been full of knowledge. The students loved every minute of it and learnt so much. We can't wait to work with Emma again.

- Dance school principal -


Ballet teacher with young, happy ballet students




Emma came to Malta to prepare our students for the RAD exams; all of our exam groups got to work with Emma and loved and learnt so much from the lessons. We even asked Emma back to help with the modern and tap exam groups and their confidence blossomed. The results were all fantastic.

- Dance school principal -